Wine Bottle Lamps Are Finally Getting The Makeover You've Been Waiting For

06/26/2014 12:23 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2014

As any quick Pinterest search of "wine bottle craft" or "wine bottle DIY" will reveal, it's basically become a crime to throw out those empty glass containers when all the vino is gone. Turn them into candleholders? Sure. Use them as pretty vases for your flowers? Why not. Transform them into impressively gorgeous artisan lamps? Um, we'll let Nutcreatives Studio tackle that one.

The Barcelona-based company partnered with the eco-conscious glass studio Lucirmá and, using recycled bottles, has created a suspended lighting device known as the "LaFlor Lamp". As if the modern, copper lampshade wasn't enough of a compliment, the product comes in three distinguished colors (white, yellow and black-brown) that work in any space and "lasts for generations."

Yes, they'll cost you a pretty penny, but we say the $275 is a much better investment than the frustration that's bound to come with attempting to recreate your own.

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