06/27/2014 09:32 am ET | Updated Jun 27, 2014

Introducing The Canvas Chair, Or A Drawing You Can Actually Sit On

Remember that drunk Denver lass who rubbed her bare backside all over a $30 million Clyfford Still painting, damaging it for no apparent reason?

That's not exactly the logic guiding The Canvas Chair, a curious new offering from the MoMA Design Store. The seemingly two-dimensional, still-life painting of an armchair is in fact a trompe l'oeil that can be sat upon, by clothed people, no destruction required.

Explains the MoMA catalog:

"This off-the-wall optical feat is achieved by printing an image of a Victorian-style armchair onto elasticized fabric that is then stretched onto a frame designed to lean against a wall."



Courtesy MoMA.



Courtesy MoMA.

Created by the Japanese design studio YOY, the chair is part of a line that includes a couch and stool. When product images first surfaced this spring, stretched canvas was hailed as a "well kept secret" in furniture design blogs. MoMA distribution, of course, is the first step to secret breaking: the armchair could be yours by late July for a cool $1,255.

Think of it this way -- that's a fraction of what it costs to sit on a painting in a museum.


Courtesy MoMA.

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