07/01/2014 03:53 pm ET

These Are Some Of The Most Canadian Recipes Of All Time

Hooray! July 4th is almost here and that means BBQ pulled pork, juicy watermelon, potato salads and slaw.

We aren't celebrating the red, white and blue just yet though, friends, because today is Canada Day! Our friendly neighbors to the north are celebrating the birth of their nation and we've decided to round up some extra-Canadian recipes to get into the spirit.

  • 1 Bacon Jalapeño Beer Poutine
    Iron Stef
    We all know poutine is the ultimate Canadian dish but have you ever tried a gourmet version with jalapeños and beer?
    Get the Gourmet Poutine recipe from Iron Stef
  • 2 Maple Pecan Pie
    Nourished Kitchen
    Maple syrup is another ultra-Canadian staple but the magic really happens when you add it to pecans and make the deliciousness that is Maple Pecan Pie.
    Get the Maple Pecan Pie recipe from Nourished Kitchen
  • 3 Apple Pie
    Gimme Some Oven
    The Canadian take on the apple pie is to bake it with tart apples such as Northern Spies and add a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Yum!
    Get the Apple Pie recipe from Gimme Some Oven.
  • 4 Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting
    The Novice Chef
    Chocolate. Bacon. Maple Syrup. No other words required here.
    Get the Chocolate Bacon Cupcake recipe from The Novice Chef
  • 5 Nanaimo Bars
    Baked Bree
    Invented on the west coast, this bake sale staple is made with chocolate, wafers and custard.
    Get the Nanaimo Bar recipe from Baked Bree
  • 6 Beaver Tail
    My Square Frying Pan
    Not actually a "beaver's tail", this pastry is simply stretched to look like one, fried and then topped with sugar.
    Get the Beaver Tail recipe from My Square Frying Pan

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