07/07/2014 04:02 am ET | Updated Jul 07, 2014

Vincenzo Nibali Kiss Fail As Podium Girl Snubs Tour de France Stage 2 Winner

Winning a stage of the Tour de France usually means a moment or two of glory as you don the famous yellow jersey and trade kisses with the gals on the podium.

But after Vincenzo Nibali won the second stage on Sunday, he went in for his victory smooch and got a whole lot of air.

You can see it all unfold in the clip above. The kiss with the first young lady goes exactly as expected. Yet when the Italian cyclist leans in to peck the second woman, this happens:


So Nibali didn't get his kiss. But he did receive an adorable stuffed lion:

Io & Leo!! 😃😃😃😃

— Vincenzo Nibali (@vincenzonibali) July 6, 2014


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