07/08/2014 03:00 pm ET

Washington's First Day Of Legal Weed Looks Pretty Fun (PHOTOS)

If you're 21 years or older and live in Washington state, congrats! Starting Tuesday, you can legally buy weed without a prescription. It's a big day in the state's history for sure. So how are people handling this momentous occasion?

Some got in line early. As they say, early bird gets the weed.

#Spokane Green Leaf only business in town to start selling pot today. We'll talk to 1st one in line at 5:30 @krem2.

— Breanna Roy (@BreannaRoy) July 8, 2014

Deb here even waited overnight to get her stash.

Others had a loved one keep them company while they waited.

Married couple Lori Bradford and Ellen McCauley waiting to get some legal pot. Came here because, "I'm low" #WApot

— Andy Mannix (@AndrewMannix) July 8, 2014

And boy, what a long, long wait it was.

Even journalists had trouble containing their excitement.

AP gets the first press pass for the grand opening of the sale of recreational pot in Seattle. #professionalcourtesy

— Elaine Thompson (@ElaineMThompson) July 7, 2014

But hey, you have to get everything just right for the big day.

What to know about recreational marijuana, as Washington goes to pot: (Ted S. Warren, AP)

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) July 8, 2014

Make sure the shops are clean and clear.

A peek inside #Seattle's Cannabis City which will open tomorrow at noon. @seattlepi

— Joshua Bessex (@Bessex_Joshua) July 8, 2014

Ready those cameras for the perfect moment.

10lbs of pot in pre-packaged 2-gram bags just delivered to Cannabis City in SoDo. Historic moment. Opens at noon.

— Jeff Dubois (@JeffKIRO7) July 8, 2014

Hang up the rules somewhere.

Rules line the walls of the first retail pot shop in #Prosser to ensure minors & firearms do not enter @KAPPKVEW

— Yasmeen Hassan (@YasmeenKAPPKVEW) July 7, 2014

And yes, that includes a rule about standing in line.

Owners are anticipating a crowd for tomorrow's opening of the first retail pot shop @KAPPKVEW #TriCities #Prosser

— Yasmeen Hassan (@YasmeenKAPPKVEW) July 7, 2014


Still a VERY long line of people waiting to purchase recreational marijuana at Top Shelf Cannabis. #Q13FOX

— Tom Yazwinski Q13Fox (@TomYazwinski) July 8, 2014

But it was all worth it in the end for a little legal weed.

Cale Holdsworth of Kansas just bought perhaps the first rec pot in the state at Bhams Top Shelf Cannabis

— Bryan Cohen (@bchasesc) July 8, 2014

Let me repeat that: legal weed.

First and second customers hold up their numbers. Ready to make history @KAPPKVEW #TriCities

— Katherine Hessel (@KathKAPPKVEW) July 8, 2014


the only reason Sea of Green farms is able to sell 10% thc product at all is the LCB has engineered a pot shortage.

— muraco kyashna-tocha (@muraco) July 7, 2014

Even dogs got in on the fun.

First puppy in state to buy legal pot #wapot

— Bryan Cohen (@bchasesc) July 8, 2014

We're excited for you, Mama!

Mama Rodriguez got her pot. 2 grams, receipt in the bag. #WApot

— Andy Mannix (@AndrewMannix) July 8, 2014

You too, beard guy!

This guy isn't even buying. Just wanted to hang out #WApot

— Andy Mannix (@AndrewMannix) July 8, 2014


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