Pilots Share Their All-Time Favorite Views From The Cockpit

07/09/2014 08:00 am ET | Updated Jul 14, 2014

Not everyone's day job includes panoramic views of the northern lights. But for pilots, it's all in a day's work.

British Airways recently asked a number of its pilots for their favorite views from the cockpit. From Sydney Harbor to a perfect glimpse of Mount Fuji, their picks are utterly spectacular (and totally cause us to reconsider a career in aeronautics).

Check out their favorite views* below (and don't forget -- what a pilot sees, you can see too!):

1. The northern lights, when flying over North America 170580778

2. Central London, on the approach into Heathrow 155313596

3. Mont Blanc, on the approach into Pisa mont blanc aerial

4. Sydney Harbor, when departing from Sydney sydney harbor plane

5. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the bay, on the approach into San Francisco* 186359568 *This photo also shows Angel Island.

6. Greenland, on North Atlantic flights greenland aerial

7. The Venice Canals, on the approach into Venice venice canals plane

8. Table Mountain, on the approach into Cape Town 182464552

9. The City of Dubrovnik, on the approach into Dubrovnik, Croatia 166617409

10. Mount Fuji, when approaching or departing from Tokyo mount fuji plane

*These photos were not taken by British Airways pilots -- they may not represent the exact path of a typical flight into/out of these destinations. However, they are awesome aerial shots.

CORRECTION: A photo of San Francisco previously included in this article purported to offer a view of Alcatraz Island, but showed Angel Island instead; the photo has been replaced to show both islands.

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