07/10/2014 11:36 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2014

Here's Proof Bill Clinton Is Destined To Be The World's Greatest Grandpa

Former president Bill Clinton has a very particular set of skills -- skills he has acquired over a very long career.

He created tens of millions of jobs. He perfected the art of charisma. He even adopted a plant-based diet. And soon, Clinton will take on the monumental, onerous task of being a grandfather.

This is a lifetime commitment that requires a certain amount of dedication and grit, and the will to get one's hands dirty (in dirty diapers and spit-up, to start). But worry not, Clinton already knows how to handle a baby. From these signs below, it appears Clinton is practiced enough to take on the role as a full-time job.

  • He knows the value in a good nose rub.
    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
  • He appreciates the impact a pair of soft, doughy legs can make.
    Darren McCollester via Getty Images
  • He can crack some pretty silly jokes.
    Darren McCollester via Getty Images
    Bill: "What's the difference between a guitar and a fish?"
    Baby: "What?"
    Bill: "You can't tuna fish!"
  • He's not afraid to hold hands, no matter how tiny they may be.
    MATT CAMPBELL via Getty Images
  • He's an oopsy-daisy aficionado.
    DAVID AKE via Getty Images
  • He's got a strong, savvy, grandma-in-training by his side.
    TIM SLOAN via Getty Images
  • He knows how to coax a smile for the camera.
    Jeff Swensen via Getty Images
  • He knows baby-posing takes precedent over autograph signing.
    Scott Olson via Getty Images
  • He's one of the best "Itsy Bitsy Spider" singers in the western hemisphere.
  • He can make blanky whites look stylish before and after Labor Day.
    AP Photo/Greg Gibson
  • Peek-a-boo is actually on his résumé.
    AP Photo/Ruth Fremson
  • He knows the Undertush is every baby's favorite way to be held.
    AP Photo/Scott Applewhite
  • He's not afraid of functional fashion.
    AP Photo/Stephan Savoia
    (No cold toes here.)
  • He grips a little tushy with the ferocity only a Grandpa could.
    AP Photo/Greg Gibson
  • He can chat with any demographic.
    AP Photo/Greg Gibson
  • He's an excellent multi-tasker.
    AP Photo/Greg Gibson
    (Fingers crossed for twins!)
  • Swaddle is his middle name.
    Yes -- that's William Jefferson Swaddle Clinton.
  • He knows the right time to tell a scary story.
    AP Photo/Karel Navarro
    When they're a little older, and mom's nearby.
  • He knows how to make a baby feel like she's on top of the world.
    AP Photo/Carolyn Kaste
  • Or, at least, above the press.
    AP Photo/Ed Reinke
  • He's willing to take the time to understand what a baby really means.
    STR via Getty Images
    "Tell me again what happened between the rubber ducky and the tugboat?"
  • He believes in magic and is willing to go search for it.
    TIM SLOAN via Getty Images
  • He is not unaffected by the cuteness of a baby in a hat.
    LUKE FRAZZA via Getty Images
  • And he's already a fantastic dad.
    AP Photo/Donald R. Broyles


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