Sarah Michelle Gellar Now Selling Lemonade To 'Earn A Living'

07/13/2014 04:52 pm ET | Updated Jul 14, 2014
  • Lauren Duca Entertainment Reporter, The Huffington Post

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emmy winner and person who didn't much like the Kimye Vogue cover, has begun shilling lemonade. Presumably exhausted from attempting to reinvigorate her IMDB page after CBS cancelled "The Crazy Ones," Gellar has shifted her professional focus to a wooden lemonade stand, with "lemonade" handwritten in chalk at the top.

"Got to earn a living somehow rt? 😉," she tweeted, perhaps in search of new customers.

Followers began inquiring as to where the stand was located and whether it might be possible to add rum to the lemonade. Gellar has not yet specified a price point.

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