07/16/2014 07:00 am ET

The Best Lip Treatments To Hydrate All Day Long

Chapped lips, it turns out, is not just a winter weather conundrum. We need to make sure we're taking care of our pout even in the heat of summer.

Whether you constantly need hydration on-hand or are looking for an overnight boost, there are numerous treatments available to help our little kissers. And while we'll forever be devoted to good ole lip balm, it shouldn't be the only weapon in your arsenal.

So, in an effort to pinpoint the health of your pucker, here are five products that will keep your lips nice and kissable.

  • 1
    Before you leave the house (or before applying your lipstick) add a swipe of Bag Balm. It'll give your lips the hydrating boost they need.
  • 2
    Give your lips the best of the best during your relaxing at-home spa day. A bonus of sorts: this is a lip mask that Steve Harvey gets behind, so there's that.
  • 3
    This Bite Beauty gem allows you to apply the mask and move on with your life -- no need to wipe! Use it throughout the day as a stronger lip balm.
  • 4
    Sara Happ's products work exfoliating wonders and smell delicious.
  • 5
    Nipple cream does wonders for your mouth...we're not kidding. Slather some on before you go to sleep and gently wipe off the dead skin residue in the morning.


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