07/16/2014 02:49 pm ET | Updated Jul 16, 2014

27 Ways Fans Can Recharge On The Slowest Sports Days Of The Year

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The time for watching is over. Well, it's at least in a rare timeout. It's a day to do things, to get outside and to put on a shirt without a number stitched or screened onto the back. As is the case every summer following Major League Baseball's All-Star game, the frenetic sports calendar nearly comes to a standstill.

Welcome to the slowest sports days of the year. Enjoy!

While the Stanley Cup finals, the NBA Finals, the World Cup and the events of MLB All-Star break were taking place during the last several weeks, spring gave way to summer. With those first three events over and MLB off until Friday, here is a chance for everyone to remember that the wide world of sports isn't nearly as wide as the actual world. It's time to unplug and recharge.

Here are 27 things for you to do to make the most of your days and nights without any MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL or World Cup games* to keep you tethered to the television or rooted in your local sports bar:

  • Go Hiking
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  • It's Picnic Time
    Helena Wahlman via Getty Images
  • Hit The Beach
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  • Check Out Some Live Music
    Rolf Brenner via Getty Images
  • Movie Night!
    Thurston Hopkins via Getty Images
  • Go See Some Art
    Bruce Yuanyue Bi via Getty Images
  • Go See Some Dinosaurs
    Charles Cook via Getty Images
  • Do Some Gardening
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  • Cook A Big Meal
    Chris Gramly via Getty Images
  • Go To The Zoo
    Holly Harris via Getty Images
  • Do That Laundry That Has Been Piling Up
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  • Catch Up On Some Reading
    Jamie Grill via Getty Images
  • Share A Romantic Dinner With That Special Someone
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  • Fire Up The Grill
    Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender via Getty Images
  • Look At The Actual Stars
    Paolo74s via Getty Images
  • Ice Cream Party!
    Jeff Greenberg via Getty Images
  • Ride A Bicycle
    RyanJLane via Getty Images
  • Take Time To Watch A Sunset
    Rob Whitworth via Getty Images
  • Buy Some Fresh Fruit From A Farmers' Market
    Carolyn lagattuta via Getty Images
  • Play A Sport Yourself
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  • Dust Off The Board Games
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  • Visit A Local Sight You Take For Granted
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  • Sit In The Park
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  • Volunteer
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  • Pet An Animal
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  • Actually Talk To Someone
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  • Get A Good Night's Sleep
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*Those in dire need of a North American professional sports fix can catch four Major League Soccer games on Wednesday, July 16. The MLS schedule is clear on Thursday, July 17. The WNBA schedule includes a pair of matinee games on Wednesday and a four-game slate on Thursday.