07/17/2014 07:16 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2014

Garbageman Monkeys Around With Kids; They Go Bananas

A trash collector in Wellington, New Zealand, has decided to combine three things that usually shouldn't be combined: A mask, a truck, and “random children.”

Once a week, the unidentified trash man wears a monkey mask to pick up the trash at a daycare center.

"I just had this mask lying around at home and decided one day I'd take it on the truck," he told "I saw random kids, thought I'd give them a laugh, because most children like waving out to the truck."

The kids do go bananas when they see the mysterious "garbage monkey." They have started greeting his arrival by wearing monkey masks and offering baked goods.

Although none of the kids know the true identity of the Monkey Man, employees at the daycare center says his weekly appearance is a nice ritual.

Joseph Scrimshaw of WTFark has a slightly different take.

The Monkey Man shows up and the children must give him tributes of cookies and cake," he said. "This is totally a monkey cult."

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