Here's Why 'Vertical' Is The New Gardening Term You Need To Know

07/18/2014 02:07 pm ET | Updated Jul 18, 2014

Don't have a backyard big enough to get your green thumb on? Look up, and you might find all the space you need.

This approach, known as vertical gardening, has been used to maximize space in urban environments and to enhance landscapes when there is no land. Granted, not every vertical garden will reach the impressive height of 24 stories and cover 24,638.59-square-feet like the appropriately-named Treehouse in Singapore, which recently earned the Guinness World Record for largest green wall. But it's nice to know the effect can be achieved, even if it is on a (much) smaller scale.

Just consider it a form of container gardening, using the wall as your container. Here's some inspiration from around the world to get you started and a step-by-step tutorial if you're serious about taking your gardening skills to new heights.


Paris, France


Bangalore, India


Madrid, Spain


London, England


Copenhagen, Denmark

mexico city

Mexico City, Mexico

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And if you prefer the old method:

Container Gardens
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