07/21/2014 12:19 pm ET Updated Jul 21, 2014

This Is Why You Should Proofread A College Diploma (PHOTO)

There's a reason proofreading exists.

And apparently, its pitfalls are all too real for this guy, whose diploma from the University of California-Berkeley hung on his wall for six years before he noticed a rather unfortunate typo. Or at least, six years before he finally posted it to reddit for all of us to enjoy.

diploma typo

"It has been hanging on our wall like that for years and my wife noticed it when we were packing to move," the redditor who posted the photo wrote.

The opportunities for (dirty) puns here are endless, so we'll leave those up to you -- but we definitely didn't know there was a degree in that particular field.

[h/t Total Frat Move]


  • 1 BARBECUE or BARBEQUE, Just Never: Barbacue
    Flickr: BrownGuacamole
    If you want some of this you had better get it right. Repeat after us, Bar-BEE-cue.
  • 2 SANDWICH, Not: Sandwhich, Sanwich, Samwich
    Flickr: avlxyz
    Sandwiches are too great to be treated with such disrespect.
  • 3 CAESAR, Never: Cesar, Ceasar, Caeser
    Flickr: Pay a bluish oak
    The whole world must have been asleep during world history, because if anyone was paying attention they'd know that there's an A after the C in CAESAR.
  • 4 DESSERT, Please Not: Desert
    Flickr: Andrea Anastasakis
    With something as sacred as dessert, we think everyone needs to get this right. (Just remember, the desert will never treat you as well as dessert can.)
  • 5 BRUSSELS SPROUTS, Not: Brussel Sprouts
    Flickr: Andrea_Nguyen
    Why you guys hating on the S? Just remember, it's spelled just like the city.
  • 6 CARAMELIZED, Never: Caramalized, Carmalized, Carmelized
    Flickr: Stacy Spensley
    Let this be a lesson to you, words aren't always what they sounds like. Despite what you might think, it's cara-MEL, not cara-MAL.
  • 7 CAPPUCCINO, Not: Capuccino, Cappucino, Or Cappucinno
    Flickr: AlphaProject
    Don't do this to such a beautiful creation.
  • 8 BROCCOLI, Never: Brocoli, Brocolli, Or Brokely (Seriously)
    Flickr: Dave Ng Photography
    You might not like this vegetable very much, but that doesn't mean it should be mistreated in such a way.
  • 9 MASCARPONE, Not,: Marscapone
    Flickr: B*2
    Just remember, there's a car in mascarpone.
  • 10 OMELETTE Or OMELET, Just Never: Omlet Or Omlette
    Flickr: Niki Holmes
    We know mornings are rough, and it can be hard to remember how to spell our own names before a cup of coffee, but guys, our eggs deserve more than that.
  • 11 LOX, Never: Locks, Loks
    Flickr: ToastyKen
    Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.
  • 12 VEGETARIAN, Never: Vegitarian or Begeterian
    Flickr: B*2
    We know what you're thinking: who in the world spells it Begetarian?? Well, you weirdos out there do.
  • 13 MACARONI, Please Not: Macoroni
    Flickr: Vancouver Bites!
    Why does this even happen???
  • 14 FETTUCCINE, Not: Fetucini, Fettucini
    Flickr: rkazda
    Alright, we'll give it to you. This Italian pasta is hard to spell. But take a minute, and make note that there are two Ts, two Cs, and only one N.
  • 15 CHIPOTLE, Not: Chipolte
    Flickr: woodleywonderworks
    Considering the fact that the famous Mexican chain has put this word on every block, we think it's time people finally get it straight.
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