07/21/2014 09:36 am ET Updated Jul 21, 2014

Prince George's Birthday Portrait Is As Adorable As You'd Expect

It's his party and he'll walk if he wants to.

That's what we can only imagine Prince George is thinking in this most recent portrait, released by the palace in honor of his upcoming first birthday on July 22.

The little prince is looking as fashionable as ever (he is the most stylish celebrity baby, after all) in a pair of Petit-Bateau overalls, a blue collared shirt and Early Days Alex Pre-Walker shoes.

Although we have to say Prince George looks a bit more advanced than "pre-walker." Perhaps it's because the Brits refer to this captured moment as the one-year-old's "royal walkabout."

Check out the adorable photo below while we use this entire week as an excuse to celebrate his birthday.

prince george


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