07/23/2014 06:39 pm ET | Updated Jul 23, 2014

10 Cringe-Worthy Wedding Guest Confessions

When attending a wedding, there are certain standards of behavior you -- as an adult guest -- are expected to uphold.

Unfortunately, not everyone got that memo. Below, 10 folks on Whisper -- a free online app where users anonymously share secrets -- reveal the worst thing they've ever done (or seen!) at a wedding.

I just made love with my best friend
That moment when you attend a wedding as a guest and realize you had a one night stand with the groom last year. Oops.
I recently attended a lesbian wedding and when the bride kissed the bride, I got an erection.....please don
I caught an old man trying to upskirt my sister at her wedding.
I once got drunk at a wedding and ate all the cake then left
My distant cousin tried to hook up with me at a wedding last night
I got drunk at a cousins wedding reception and twerked on her new father in law.  I
One time I was at a wedding, and when the food came out I told the waiter "oh no, I
The back of my dress was tucked in my stockings, which exposed my thong, at my cousin

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