07/24/2014 05:15 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2014

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gives Spot-On Breakup Advice On Twitter

John Harrelson via Getty Images

He's a two-time Daytona champ and a fearsome force on the track, but in his off-time, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is basically Twitter's answer to Dr. Phil.

On Wednesday, NASCAR's highest-paid driver proved he might also have the skills to pay the bills as a therapist, when a fan reached out asking for some under 140-character breakup advice:

@IanS_Miller: @DaleJr man, you got any break up advice? Hah”
I ran an advice booth at the mall once. #TrueStory
Do it in person. #HighRoad

— Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) July 23, 2014

Tweeted like a champ. But what happens if you're the unlucky one getting dumped? Dale Jr.'s got your back there, too:

@jordin_2014: @DaleJr Got any advice for getting dumped?”
1.Focus on the 1 thing about them that annoyed u the most.
2.Party with friends.

— Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) July 23, 2014

In conclusion: the next time you're having relationship issues, don't freak out -- just tweet Junior.

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