3-Year-Old Little Drummer Boy Plays With Orchestra, And Doesn't Miss A Beat

07/24/2014 06:19 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2014

This kid could give Neil Peart a run for his money.

An adorable video uploaded to Facebook shows a 3-year-old boy casually being a boss on the drums while playing Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld," with an orchestra. He enthusiastically beats along with a giant smile on his face, completely unaware that: 1. It's kinda a big deal to be playing with an orchestra, and 2. He's totally owning it.

Watch as the boy stays ecstatic and dedicated for the entire performance. Even when he loses a drum stick at the 1:02 mark, he quickly retrieves it and keeps pounding along as if nothing happened. He really understands that, after all, "the beat goes on."

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