07/26/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

11 Things No One Will Buy At Your Yard Sale

A yard sale is a relatively easy way to make an extra buck while getting rid of clutter, as long as you follow one rule: Don't assume everything is worthy of selling.

To understand why, get in the mindset of the average yard sale shopper. Basically, they want something for a "steal." Most will scoff at paying $20 for an item, even if it is technically worth $100. They also can be oddly picky about what's on offer. If, from the curb, a shopper can see an unpromising array of "junk," they'll walk (or drive) right on by.

So what's junk and what isn't? Here's a handy guide of all the junk NO ONE wants from you.

  • Hand-me-down records from musicals, string quartets and lounge singers
    Generally speaking: If you wouldn't pay for it in a record store, no one will buy it at your sale.
  • Old shoes, even if they're in pretty good shape.
    There's the ick factor, plus the "likely to be a decade out of style" factor.
  • Big, heavy furniture.
    Ruth and Dave/Flickr
    No one wants to spend a Saturday hauling a giant sofa off of your lawn.
  • Stuffed animals, old and new.
    Sapocka via Getty Images
    Most people will assume that these toys have seen their fair share of spills -- or worse -- bedbugs.
  • Tacky travel souvenirs.
    Stuart Paton via Getty Images
    Unless it's something so over-the-top that someone will buy as a joke gift, of course.
  • Your treasure trove of VHS tapes.
    elaine a/Flickr
    Yes, even your beloved "Buns of Steel" volumes.
  • Rickety old exercise equipment.
    Yes to things like free weights, no to vintage exercise equipment that likely will fall apart.
  • Half-used bath and body products.
    Jo Naylor/Flickr
    You could get away with beautiful vintage perfumes if the bottle is nice enough... not the "old Bath and Body Works rip-off" collections.
  • Books about outdated technology.
    Second runner-up: "Best-selling" self-help books.
  • Stained (or faded) plastic toys.
    We're not begrudging anyone the Little Tykes foot-powered car of their dreams, but be very discriminating when it comes to condition.
  • Promotional mugs, t-shirts, glassware and totes.
    If it was given out for free at an event, conference, family reunion or anniversary party, it's likely true that no one will pay for it.

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