Arielle Scarcella, Vlogger, Releases 'Straight Girls Explain: Penetration Vs Oral'

07/28/2014 10:57 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Popular lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella has released one of her most thought-provoking videos yet in this latest installment in her "Explain" YouTube series.

The video, titled "Straight Girls Explain: Penetration vs Oral," builds off a poll conducted by Scarcella and another vlogger of 500 straight women and 500 lesbians about their preference when it comes to oral sex versus penetration. The results found that 55 percent of straight women preferred penetration, while only 25 percent of lesbians responded in the same way.

What follows is a nuanced discussion among straight women about how, in the words of Scarcella, it "all relates back to misogyny and how women feel about their bodies."

Check out the video above. Want to see more from Scarcella? Head here.

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