Mayonnaise 3D-Printed Selfies Are, For Some Reason, Hellmann's Idea Of Summer Fun

07/28/2014 12:30 pm ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

It is the news you have been waiting for. You can now make selfies out of mayonnaise.

Hellmann's, an eminent, global mayo company, devised a robotic 3D printer arm that produces mayonnaise selfies on burgers as part of its summer 2014 "Life Hacks" campaign in the UK.

The process appears to be pretty simple: A lab-coat-clad mayo scientist from the "BBQ Lab" snaps your portrait (does this disestablish it as a "selfie?"), sends the data to the 3D printer and the egotistical miracle materializes.

While, in the clip, Hellmann's invites diners to top a mayo selfie on a burger, it seems adding the vainly squirted condiment to bread browned in the Selfie Toaster is the only appropriate way to indulge.

We will not be looking out for trending #MayoSelfies. Instead, we will be making and eating cookies in protest. Join us:

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H/t: Eater

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