You May Want To Delete Facebook After Watching This Video

07/29/2014 08:24 am ET | Updated Jul 29, 2014

You've heard of alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addiction. But what about Facebook addiction?

It's real. And according to University of Chicago research, the site can become even more addictive than cigarettes over time. That's right: cigarettes.

So how do you know you're an addict? If you look at Facebook excessively, get jittery when you can't check your page or let social media interfere with work or relationships, then you might be one of the kajillion people who overuse.

There are many negative symptoms from this kind of addiction, but the BuzzFeed video above names just a few (alarming) examples:

  1. Seeing an ex on Facebook can restrict personal growth and emotional recovery.
  2. Excessive Facebook usage can be a contributing factor in divorce.
  3. Spending more time on Facebook can lead to increased feelings of unhappiness with your own life.
  4. Passively scrolling through your News Feed can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation.

If you need even more reason to limit your social media usage, watch Derek Muller of Veritasium explain how Facebook's News Feed algorithm is controlling your News Feed more than you might think.

So what is the moral of this story? Short of actually deleting your Facebook, try to manage your time on the site.

[Via BuzzFeed]

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