08/06/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2014

These Parents Got Candid About Sex After Kids. What They Divulged May Shock You.

They say that everything changes after having kids. But what exactly is everything? Your sleep schedule? Yes. Your bank account? Most likely. Your sex life? Definitely.

Whisper, an app that allows users to upload a secret anonymously, collected confessions from parents about the current state of their relationship post kids, and yes, many of them are about sex. The statements range from the brutally honest to heartwarming to just plain awkward, proving that there is no "norm" for a relationship after becoming a parent. If anything, like the secrets below, love post-baby is a wild ride.

Are you ready?

I miss my relationship before we had kids.
my husband won
I force my kids to go outside and play just so my husband and i can have sex in the middle of the day.
Sometimes my husband and I have sex while our kids are sleeping in bed next to us
My wife wants more sex since having our baby. I hope I can keep up
I try and get my kids to sleep in our bed so I don
My wife has slept with me once since she gave birth to our baby. The mere thought of intercourse is enough to make me aroused.
This morning my husband brought my kids in to "surprise" me with breakfast in bed. He should have warned me because I was "warming up" for him.
My son walked in on my husband doing me from behind, my dress over my head.  I fear we blinded our child.
love my kids but it has put a damper on the sex life with the hubby!
my husband got depressed after our daughter was born. now he takes pills that killed his sex drive
I love when our kids spend the night somewhere else once in a while. It gives my wife and I a chance to have sex outside the bedroom. Lol
My husband and I have sex all the time with our kids in the house we just lock the door and turn the fan on blast! Pretty sure it
I love my wife but her personality has changed so much after we had kids that it kind of pushes me away
My kid walked in while me and my husband were having sex and asked what we were doing and now my husband is mad at me when he was making all the noise
My kid knocked on the bathroom door late last night while my husband and I were having bathtub sex. We both accidentally responded and he asked why we were in there together?
Our sex life has gotten more intense and more interesting since having kids and I love it. I feel my inner porn star comes out.

To read more parenting confessions or to share one of your own, download Whisper.

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