Bikini-Clad Michelle Rodriguez Gets Pushed In The Water, Then Takes Sweet Revenge

07/31/2014 09:28 am ET | Updated Jul 31, 2014

Here's Michelle Rodriguez in a black and white striped bikini, just enjoying the view from a yacht in Ibiza, Spain. While she's taking it all in, probably contemplating mankind's existence, the dude in the white towel behind her has other ideas ... devious ideas:

michelle rodriguez

And there it is. He seizes the right moment, and unsuspecting Rodriguez already knows her fate is sealed:


She's cursing the force of gravity right now:


And gravity is all, "Don't get me wrong, Michelle. Love you in 'Fast and Furious.' But this is is just something I have to do":


Rodriguez emerges, with a clear mission in mind:


Dude previously wearing a white towel, your date with destiny is now:

white towel dude

And revenge is oh-so-sweet:


The end.

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