08/01/2014 06:57 pm ET

Homeless Man With Amazing Voice Sings John Legend, Stuns All Of Us

This man doesn't just sing, he can really sang!

Byon Artrell McCullough, of Florence, South Carolina, became homeless when, after serving time in prison, he had no job and no family to come home to, according to the New York Daily News. He decided to support himself by sharing his beautiful voice with strangers.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, McCullough, aka "No Cash," proves he's got serious pipes.

With a "Will Sang for Food" sign slung around his neck, the 28-year-old covers John Legend's "All of Me," and serenades two women on the street. When he starts singing at the 0:48 mark, you can't help but be blown away by McCullough's silky vocals. He gives a sensational performance that would give John Legend himself a run for his money.

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