10 Thoughts Every Bride Has At The Altar

08/02/2014 03:36 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2014

By Kellee Khalil, Lover.ly

After months of planning, walking down the aisle is a big deal for any bride. And at that point, any number of things could be going through her head, from "who is that sitting in the front row?" to "why am I doing this?" But there are a few at-the-altar thoughts that we think are pretty universal. Read on for our top 10.

1. "Don't cry, your makeup is going to run."

2. "Nevermind, this is amazing! Let the tears flow!"

3. "This dress is insanely [hot/itchy/tight/uncomfortable]."

4. "But damn, I look good."

5. "Wait, does he/she think I look good? I hope so!"

6. "I sure hope the ring fits."

7. "I'm marrying the hottest person alive."

8. "I'm so in love!"

9. "Why is my [sister/aunt/friend from college] wearing that dress?"

10. "Actually I don't care. I love everyone in this room!"

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