08/05/2014 09:04 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2014

Doily Artist Uses Her Own Hair To Weave Stunning, Feminist-Minded Designs

If you have -- like us -- been hiding in the depths of the Internet, waiting for that one artist to combine the politics of female hair with the delicate beauty of textiles, rejoice! Sula Fay is here to make your feminist-minded craft dreams come true.


"For me, hair is both political and deeply personal. It emphasizes identity and contains memories," Fay explained to HuffPost of her project, "Hair Embroideries," consisting of quietly beautiful renderings stitched onto vintage Victorian doilies... using her own hair as thread.

"As a person of mixed race, while growing up I found my wild curly hair did not meet western ideals of beauty and femininity. After years of straightening, combing and blow-drying, I started to wear my hair naturally, but still struggled to accept it."

From faded nude bodies to familiar, albeit outdated and sometimes derogatory phrases like "comely" and "blanquita," Fay's works depict the artist's personal experience dealing with oppressive versions of femininity passed down across cultures.

"There is a tradition of using human hair in art," she added. "From weaving it into jewelry to mourn a loved one to its use in Chinese folk art. I began to use my hair as thread to embroider images of idealized femininity onto antique Victorian doilies; the process became therapeutic and ritualistic, while I was able to showcase something very vulnerable."

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