08/06/2014 12:36 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

This Rapper Thinks Your Boyfriend Sucks And Found A Very Catchy Way To Tell You

We're sorry to break the news to you, but Chicago rapper Blake does not approve of your boyfriend and has a straightforward course of action in mind.

Blake -- who previously released music as Jams Dean -- wants you to dump your man and get with him and says so in an infectious new video for "Your Boyfriend Sucks," the first single off Blake's upcoming album "BLAKE 4EVER."

In the video, which also features Chicago drag queen Trannika Rex and garage rockers Rabble Rabble and was directed by Jason Culver, Blake says the object of his affection and he are "ice cream perfect" together, even if his apartment might have "a couple of cockroaches." Based on the surprisingly pleasant brainworm of a song the attraction inspired, we can't disagree!


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