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Cocky Jogger Thinks She's Funny With Penis-Shaped Running Routes. She's Correct.

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They say running releases endorphins. Now it's helping one woman release her (dirty) creative side.

A clever jogger who was tired of her normally monotonous running routes decided to spice things up by turning her runs into doodles, many of which just happen to be phallic-inspired. Claire Wyckoff, a copywriter and comedian based in San Francisco, creates her "running drawings" using Nike+, a GPS app which measures distance and maps a jogger's route with a line.

Wyckoff's first foray into the medium of run-draw was a depiction of a corgi, which she posted to her Instagram in June.

Things quickly (d)evolved from there:

She even attempted to draw George Washington's head, but said it turned out more like "the head of a Mennonite."

Her most complex drawing was of a middle finger, entitled "fuck cancer."

Our personal favorite is an 8-bit alien from the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders, created from a 5.59 mile run.

You can find all of Wyckoff's masterpieces on her aptly named tumblr, Running Drawing.

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