Hey Girl, Check Out This Ryan Gosling-Themed Bathroom

08/07/2014 01:23 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2014

Bang Bang, a sushi restaurant/dance club in San Diego, has created quite possibly the best marketing strategy EVER: cover the walls of a women's bathroom stall entirely in photos of Ryan Gosling, and everyone and their mother will Instagram themselves in it. The publicity is brilliant and the hype is REAL. Don't like sushi? Who CARES. You can get a photo of yourself pretending to make out with Ryan Gosling and, like, 64 people will like it. #WorthIt

Here's the bathroom in all its glory:

And some obligatory Instagrams:

So, if you're squeezing in one last trip this summer, please go to San Diego. And please take an Instagram in this Ryan Gosling-themed bathroom.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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