Colton Haynes Live-Tweets The Most Uncomfortable First Date Ever

08/08/2014 11:49 am ET | Updated Aug 08, 2014
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

Actor Colton Haynes, of "Teen Wolf," "Arrow," and generally-being-handsome fame, recently live-tweeted an awkward first date he overheard while out at dinner.

The star was eating at his table when the conversation of two nearby strangers caught his attention. Gathering that they were on a first date after meeting online, Haynes shamelessly threw all privacy concerns aside, and proceeded to share snippets of their exchange with all his Twitter followers:

His coverage follows the couple through their introductory period:

To the even more uncomfortable mid-date:

Through this whole thing...

To the eventual finale:

For full coverage of the "event," head on over to Colton Haynes' Twitter feed, where the world is reading every first date attendee's nightmare come to life.

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