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What All This Bad News Is Doing To Us

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Activists clash with a special forces police battalion in Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

A terrifying jihadist group is conquering and butchering its way across big swaths of Iraq and Syria. Planes are falling out of the sky on what seems like a weekly basis. Civilians are being killed in massive numbers in the Israel-Gaza conflict. Others are falling prey to Ebola in West Africa. The world, in short, is falling apart.

That’s how it feels, at least, to those of us who sit at a blessed remove from the death and destruction, but who are watching every bloody moment of it via cable news and social media. It raises an important question: In an age when we can mainline bad news 24/7 if we so choose, what’s the psychological impact of all this exposure to tragedy at a distance?

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