08/15/2014 01:08 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2014

British Subtitles Show How Great They Are At Speaking Fancy Nonsense

Our suspicions have been confirmed. That's right -- British people are all speaking unintelligible gibberish.

C'mon, we know they created the language and all, but they have the silliest names for things. Go find an English person right now and ask them what they call an eggplant. Do it.

The video's creator, Rita Chinyere, spoke to the Huffington Post via email.

I'm chuffed to bits that HuffPost likes the video! Last fortnight I had the idea on a proper piss up with my mates. After a bit of chinwag I decided Americans have NO idea what we're going on about half the time.

Did anybody understand that?

15 British phrases that confuse Americans
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