08/14/2014 05:34 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2014

Ferguson Moms: Obama's Doing What He Can

Americans heard from President Barack Obama on Thursday about the ongoing protests and police activity in Ferguson, Missouri, which were sparked by the death of a local teenager over the weekend. Ferguson residents dealing with the escalating crisis on the ground welcomed the president's comments.

"I believe he's doing all that he can, and that he's taking the situation very seriously," one person told HuffPost's Christine Conetta.

"He's doing what he can right now. People should just give him time, because it's not easy to speak on this type of situation without offending someone," said another.

The president has been on vacation at Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts all week. In his remarks on Thursday, he addressed the situation in Ferguson as well as the evolving U.S. operation on the ground in Iraq.

Watch Ferguson community members sound off on Obama's comments in the clip above.

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