08/15/2014 12:46 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2014

NBA Rookies Talk About Their First Time ... Dunking (VIDEO)

By Elena Bergeron, Triangle Offense

Ahh…it’s a seminal moment in any young baller’s life, right up there the moment you realize that the crossover that worked in pickup ain’t good enough for a JV game and the day when you finally beat (your dad, older brother, that big ass dude from down the block) in one-on-one. The first time a player finishes a dunk is the moment that the game splits into two distinctly separate eras of competition: adolescent level playing field and P.F.—the Post Flight period when dominating other players suddenly becomes an option.

For this year’s NBA rookies, though, their first flights happened earlier than yours and were way more dramatic. Seriously, who tomahawks on their first jam?!?


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