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Furious Minor League Manager Strips In Front Of The Umpire

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Arguments in sports are nothing new. Getting so angry you strip in front of the umpire, though? That's taking it to a whole new level.

The dubious honor belongs to Joe Mikulik, manager of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, whose antics got him ejected from a minor league game Sunday night.

Not content to simply get in the umpire's face, Mikulik reenacted the play in question -- twice -- before kicking dirt onto home plate, then removing both shoes and his jersey and leaving them in a pile on the plate. Mikulik angrily flashed a "safe" sign before stomping off the field.

Fox Sports reminds us this is far from Mikulik's first over-the-top performance. During a 2006 game, while managing the Asheville Tourists, he physically removed second base, then hurled it into the outfield. Mikulik exploded similarly in 2012; instead of throwing the base that time, however, he gave it to a fan as a souvenir.

Watch the full video of Mikulik taking his clothes off, below:

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