08/19/2014 02:18 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

This Is, By Far, The Perviest Voter Registration Ad Ever

Well, this is.. different.

A new ad from LGBT advocacy group Equality Illinois has taken an unusual approach to encourage voters to head to their polling places this fall.

The ad, titled "Doris Wants Your V Card," promotes voters taking advantage of Illinois' new online voter registration system in order to obtain their voter registration card. And while that information isn't so sexy in and of itself, the ad's porn-tastic soundtrack certainly goes a long way toward spicing it up.

Both Planned Parenthood of Illinois and Chicago Votes have partnered with Equality Illinois on the "Get Your V Card" campaign, which echoes the tone of the group's 2010 campaign, which focused on absentee voting and was titled "Vote Naked."

Oh, baby..


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