08/20/2014 07:06 am ET | Updated Aug 25, 2014

10 Hilariously Awkward Parent Photos Sure To Embarrass Teens Everywhere

Karan Kapoor via Getty Images

There are dozens of awkward moments between kids and their parents. Like when your parents catch you in a compromising situation with your significant other... or even worse, vice versa (shudder). Or when you didn't know the two-hour movie you just sat down to watch as a family is full of suggestive scenes.

But trust us, it could be much worse. Kids, your parents really aren't so bad, judging by the photos some teens and young adults have posted on social media. Mom and pops, please don't be like the middle-aged parents below.

Makeshift Fanny-Pack Dad

Tact-Isn't-His-Strong-Point Dad

Just-One-Of-The-Girls Dad

@MrPeterAndre: RT @mills_chels He took a selfie on my phone hahaha @MrPeterAndre

you lot are mad :)))” #awkwarddad

— Whatsit (@mattwhatsit) August 11, 2014

Doube-Entendre Mom

Moms really do say the darnedest things... #awkwardmom #compliment #maybe

— Hannibal (@Han_ruth713) July 21, 2013

Please, stop Mom and Dad

A-for-effort Dad

Photobomb Dad

Couldn't-Find-His-Shoes Dad

Has-Better-Legs-Than-You Dad

Thinks-She's-Funny Mom


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