08/20/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Bridegrooms Urged To 'Think Outside The Closet' In Catchy Menswear Ad

A British department store wants to make sure that when gay men say "I do," they avoid a few fashion don'ts. And it's getting the message across in a most charming way.

"Think outside the closet," the House of Fraser tells a bridegroom in its new ad to celebrate same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.

As the man tries on a number of outfits, the narrator mixes snark and encouragement to steer him in the right sartorial direction. "Be a diva about detail," she says. Then the man and his beloved join for a kiss.

While not a tear-jerker like Expedia's noteworthy "Find Your Understanding" spot featuring a lesbian wedding, it might inspire you to dress right for the occasion with a smile on your face.

h/t Creativity Online


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