You Don't Need A Magical Wardrobe To Get To Narni

08/20/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated May 15, 2015

Friends, we have found the real-life Narnia... and you don't need a magical wardrobe to get there.

Narni -- yes, just one letter off from C.S. Lewis' beloved fantasyland -- sits tucked away in the hills of Umbria, the "green heart" of Italy. The town looks like it was plucked from a storybook with rolling green hills, cobblestone streets, medieval architecture and a castle fortress.

While in Narni, visitors can explore the picturesque streets and check out churches and palazzos that date back before the 13th century. If ancient ruins are your thing, be sure to take a tour of Narni's mysterious underground.

You won't find any mythical beasts in Narni, but the place is still totally enchanting. Check out photos below.




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