Yes, This Dog And Master Are 'Wearing' Each Other's Hair

08/21/2014 09:07 am ET | Updated Aug 22, 2014

The Japanese artist Aki Inomata takes human/animal relations to new heights in her latest video installation. Titled "I Wear the Dog's Hair, and the Dog Wears My Hair," the project is self-explanatory.

The artist collected large bundles of her own hair, as well as that of her pet dog's. She hand-wove the strands into two coats, one per donor. That way, she can "wear" her dog's fur, and vice versa.


Copyright Aki Inomata.


Copyright Aki Inomata.


Copyright Aki Inomata.

In a statement to DesignBoom, Inomata framed the project as a way to grapple with conflicted feelings over owning a fellow living creature:

"The concept of my works is to get people to perceive the modes of life of various living creatures by experiencing a kind of empathy towards them."

Don't judge a dog until you've walked a mile in his fur, people. The exhibit is currently running at the Hagisa Gallery, billed as Tokyo's "smallest cultural institution."


Copyright Aki Inomata.

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