08/21/2014 01:52 pm ET

Husband Composes Spectacular Rant To Protest Road Trip To Florida

Family road trips are the WORST.

Sure, maybe you get some reading done in the first hour or two. You get to indulge in your road-trip-rite-of-passage fast food lunch in hour three. But once you hit hours four and five, and dad has to take ANOTHER bathroom break and Billy just farted AGAIN, the magic starts to wear off.

YouTube user Vic Dibitetto fully comprehends the impending misery of his wife's proposed 18-hour road trip to Florida and lets her know exactly how he feels about. Well, maybe not exactly. At the end of his fervent rant, he proves that no matter how awful the drive sounds, he is no dumb-dumb.

No, Vic, you are a very, VERY smart man.

[h/t Pleated-Jeans]


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