08/21/2014 07:09 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2014

Katie Holmes Says Her Acting 'Dry Spell' Had Nothing To Do With Tom Cruise


With her movie "The Giver" in theaters now and several others in the works, there's no denying Katie Holmes is a busy woman these days.

But in a new interview with DuJour magazine, the 35-year-old actress opens up about the acting "dry spell" she experienced during her five-year marriage to Tom Cruise. She may be busier these days, but she shrugs off the notion that it's an attempt to re-establish herself in Hollywood in the wake of the divorce.

“It’s the life of an actor,” Holmes says. “We don’t really have a lot of choice in the matter. You have dry spells, and then you have times when there is a lot of opportunity.”

Holmes says what really kept her away from working those few years was the desire to stay close to Suri, her daughter with Cruise.

“I totally admire women who go back to work six weeks after giving birth,” she says. “But when she was little, I was not ready. I was a very nervous mother -- like, sleeping next to her crib -- and I was in that mode for a long time.”

This isn't the first time Holmes has opened up about life after TomKat as of late. While promoting "The Giver" earlier this month, the actress told the "Today" show's Matt Lauer that she isn't one to dwell on the past.

"I never really look back," she said when asked about the marriage. "I just approach life [taking] it one day at a time. I'm really excited about where I am right now. I've had some really wonderful creative experiences. I'm just really grateful."

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