Serena Williams Aces 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' Karaoke

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Serena Williams has already won the Open. Open mic, that is.

Watch above as the tennis star belts out a rendition of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" during an event in Manhattan Wednesday.

The song of course was made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," but Williams manages to ace the karaoke performance on her own terms.

The thing about karaoke is picking a song that works for your voice, that way if you sing like a cat — like I do — you can still sound pretty good,” she said before her number, The Big Lead reported.

Williams is the top seed
and reigning champ for next week's U.S. Open. If she commands center court the way she just conquered center stage, look out!

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