Please, Someone, Nominate This Man For The Ice Bucket Challenge! He Is REALLY Ready

08/22/2014 03:04 pm 15:04:36 | Updated Aug 22, 2014

We've seen countless ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos, as well as a ton of nominations. Apparently this dude has too, and he's taking his lack of a nomination pretty hard.

Vine user Chris Melberger uploaded a post of himself enthusiastically getting ready for the Ice Bucket Challenge. He gets his ice and bucket ready, amped to take the challenge.

Waiting for the nomination he sits, clutching his sad, sad ice bucket with a sad, sad stare.

It's alright, Chris, with the challenge's popularity, it's only a matter of time you'll join the cool kids in throwing a bucket of frigid ice water over your head.

But, in the meantime, feel free to donate to the ALS Association by clicking the "Donate" button above. You don't even need a nomination to do it!

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