Marine Sings Moving Cover Of 'Home' On Plane, Passengers Fall Quiet In Reverence

08/22/2014 02:21 pm ET | Updated Aug 26, 2014

This Marine figured out the perfect way to let his fellow passengers know he was headed home.

U.S. Marine Matt Bussen was on a plane, flying home from training in Alabama, when the flight attendants asked him to sing to the passengers over the intercom. A video uploaded to YouTube documents his stunning performance.

As Bussen makes his way up to the intercom, his Marine buddies shout out several different song requests, but Bussen fittingly chose Michael Bublé's "Home" as his performance piece.

Bussen's voice is so soulful that you're probably going to forget he's actually singing over the airplane intercom.

It's pretty clear he was really feeling those words he was singing. And judging from the chorus of cheers and high-fives of approval at the 1:45 mark, his fellow Marines were too.

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