Guy With Confederate Flag Sets His Head On Fire In Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

08/26/2014 10:44 pm ET | Updated Aug 27, 2014

In what just might be the dumbest take yet on the ALS ice bucket challenge, a man waving a Confederate flag took a swig of something in a flask, spit, and then set his head on fire.

It seems the idea was for the water from the ice bucket to put out the fire on his head -- but as you can see in the clip above, it didn't quite go as planned.

Since this video has some of the too-dumb-to-be-true markings of a viral hoax, there's at least a chance that this isn't what it appears to be.

But for the moment, at least, enjoy his parting words: "Dude, my hair's fucked up."

(h/t Pixable)

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