Celebrate National Dog Day With Some Pooches That Appreciate A Well-Designed Home

08/26/2014 12:05 pm ET | Updated Aug 26, 2014

Decorative objects confuse you, paint trends will forever remain a mystery to you and you think that there's no worse fate that could befall someone other than having to spend a Saturday afternoon inside a Home Goods.

But just because you don't get home decor, doesn't mean your furry friend is completely aloof. That's right, dogs isn't just a loyalrunning companion, they can also be incredibly astute when it comes to interior design. And in honor of National Dog Day, we're taking a moment to acknowledge this little known truth.

Some dogs just really understand...

...the major trends that are faux sheepskin and macrame.

...the drama a statement rug brings to a room.

...the beauty of a perfectly styled outdoor space.

...the power of a pop of color or two.

...the importance of having a beautiful bed.

...the necessity that is fabulous seating.

...the difference high ceilings make.

To see more dog-approved spaces, visit our friends at Domino.

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