08/26/2014 10:15 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

GoPro Captures An Egg Being Poached Underwater, Incites Benedict Cravings

There's much debate over how to perfectly poach an egg.

The perfect poached egg? It has a runny-but-thick, drippy yolk encased in soft, smooth whites. Some swear adding a dash of vinegar to the simmering pot will help the egg properly solidify. Other say swirling the water in a counter-clockwise motion is key.

What we've never known, until now, is what that egg looks like while it's congealing into a delight that pairs impeccably with a plain piece of toast.

Youtube/How To Make Sushi Japanese Food Recipes

The verdict? It's a symphony. It's rhythmic. It's near magic. If you've got the urge to join a poached egg in a ballroom waltz, here are some recipes that might get close:

H/T: Eater

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Egg Recipes
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