09/04/2014 12:04 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2014

27 Signs It's Definitely Time To Go Back To School

If you come across any of these while dropping your kids off at school, just keep driving.

In addition to some hilariously questionable phrasing, these signs indicate that it's time for some serious spelling and grammar lessons -- not to mention a course on irony.

Let's hope the school year goes just a little bit smoother than this.

  • 1
    Lesson No. 1: Spelling.
  • 2
    They're also teaching a course on irony.
  • 3
    Apparently they aren't THAT committed.
  • 4
    Fail Blog
    This is why you don't make up your own abbreviations.
  • 5
    Either it's "film week" and some hooligans changed the sign, or someone severely messed up MLK Jr.'s initials.
  • 6
    "Sharp" Elementary. Right...
  • 7
    We're just going to hope today never ends.
  • 8
    To be fair, this wasn't their first senior year.
  • 9
    Well, spelling isn't technically tested on the SAT.
  • 10
    At this school they might not.
  • 11
    You've really got to get to those kids early!
  • 12
    They should have gone with their original idea, "Students need remotes."
  • 13
    Uh... Yeah...
  • 14
    Where do we even start?
  • 15
    Neither Maiesha nor Anamaria wrote this sign.
  • 16
    All the bi-curious students will be thrilled about this one.
  • 17
    Have some self-respect, Garinger.
  • 18
    The game can't solve all your problems.
  • 19
    Somehow, reading makes you worse at spelling.
  • 20
    Is this like a pervy haiku or something?
  • 21
    Let's hope that they're better at science than they are at English.
  • 22
    Epic FAIL
    Oh, what a difference one letter makes...
  • 23
    Maybe they just wanted to put the "cool" back in school.
  • 24
    It's not new, it's "New."
  • 25
    They ALMOST had it...
  • 26
    Tanning sounds a lot dirtier than it did when we were kids.
  • 27
    Fail Blog
    We think you already lost the challenge.


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