08/27/2014 01:02 pm ET | Updated Aug 27, 2014

'The Daily Show's' Michael Che Can't Find A Safe Place To Report On Ferguson

During an episode that focused almost entirely on Ferguson and racism, "Daily Show" correspondent Michael Che made one of the most biting points as he attempted to safely file his report, first from Missouri, then California, then North Carolina, and so on.

"I gotta find a place where they don't kill black people, Jon!" Che called as he took off -- via green screen -- to try to find a single safe place in America.

Unfortunately, Che was going to have to run a lot further. Finally landing in orbit above the earth, the "Senior Missouri Correspondent" noted, "Nowhere safer for a black man than the infinite blackness of outer space."

Aaaaaand, cue the racist space cops.

"The Daily Show" airs Monday-Thursday at 11:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.


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